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Instalab started since 2010. We started to work as a development company. Two of our developers worked before with Facebook so we already had an overview of what we wanted to work with. Social media presence is one of the main points for a development of a plan. Who is that individual or company that does not want a social media presence to succeed more?

My name is Emma Johansen and in this blog I want to share more of my job journey in the Instagram and social media in general. Raised in a rich family with a lot of to give and later with a bankruptcy of a business that my family had made me had disappointment in an early age. I was just a teenager once the focus of everyone in the family was in the business and not in me. I really needed a focus and help or someone who could explained how world was made and what I was expected to meet. Nothing of this was done. I was focused on my studies and later once my high school finished we were on the middle of choosing the study plan for the university. It was difficult for me to choose but off course my passion was the informatics. I wanted to be a developer. Once my family found out my decision, they were extremely against it as according to them this profession was for men. I finished on studding finance. During the university I was known as the IT girl. I started to work for the biggest companies. I worked for Facebook , later Instagram and I also met the people who works for me today.

There is an expression which is from the last film of Marvel, Wakanda Forever, only the most destroyed people can be the greatest leader.

In this blog I just want to share the power of a person, how incredible your power can be and how your passion can make you move forwards. There are many people that focus their life on the social media, to be liked and accepted from others but is that a life? No, it is not. Look at me, I don’t have any social media and I don’t plan to have. Social media is a good choice for a business which we have already a instagram profile. Also, if you are a person that like to have a job on the social media industry etc as an Influencer etc. However, there is a difference on the must and the pleasure you can feel in showing people how happy or fancy you are. If you have that need, it means you are not happy and achieving that will not make you happier. There is a long way and fight and I am here to explain how to balance all those and to have a personal life far away from everything. Or the most important thing is be happy and be successful in silence. That is the most important achievement for a person.

In this blog besides the tactics for achieving success I want to draw a person, a simple person that has not a dollar in the pocket. I want to draw a person that have dreams and passion and if you have those nothing can be stoppable. Together with me through my articles, you will have a lot of proven results from a yearly experience. I am speaking with you, the beautiful charming girl that people thing that only outside beauty is in you and you are not good enough for anything else. I am speaking with you, the office man which you think you are good only for doing your monthly reports and nothing else. No!!! All you are wrong! Did you know that social media is generating billions of dollars and there is a place for everyone to shine and to have their own direction related with their passion? Whenever, you are a pianist, musicians, finance analyst, student etc, all you have the possibility to do something big with yourself, so let’s start this journey together.

Emma Johansen.

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